Roof Recovers & Tear-Offs

Springfield Roofing Systems can help your team determine whether a customer’s roof can be recovered or torn off. No matter which option you choose, we ensure the project is cost-effective and within budgetary constraints.

Recover Versus Tear-Off

We have 40+ years of combined experience in the roofing industry. We can help your team determine whether we can recover an old roof or if the old roof needs to be torn off. There are several factors to consider.

Men working on a commercial roof near downtown Springfield, Missouri


Recovering a roof is a great option for those that have a roofing system that just needs a little help. We remove the first layer of membrane to ensure all insulation is in working condition. We then enhance your old system by installing a new, more durable layer of membrane.

Roof Tear-Off

Sometimes tearing off a roof is the better option for installing a new roof on a commercial building. Tearing off an old roof allows contractors to strengthen or repair structures underneath the outer layer.

New roof installed on a commercial building overhead view

We Help Your Roofing Team Succeed

The experts at Springfield Roofing Systems have more than 40 years of combined experience in the industry. Springfield Roofing Systems serves roofing contractors and installers in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas and surrounding states with relevant expertise on many roofs and materials for all types of commercial and larger residential projects.

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